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wrongful deathWrongful death cases occur in various types of personal injury cases. However, wrongful death cases in the civil rights arena are some of the most shocking and upsetting cases in our society. In the civil rights cases, we see wrongful death cases in police brutality cases with excessive force, prisoners right’s cases where the inmate dies from abuse or suicide, or overly aggressive taser abuse or taser malfunction.

Our civil rights lawyers understand wrongful death cases and while they cannot bring back your loved one, our attorneys can help you make a financial recovery to attempt to provide for the family and the children of the decedent. We have seen cases where police slam their car into victims, shoot people in the back as they are running away, and tasing a victim until their skin was set afire. We understand your families grief and can get you help now. Wrongful death cases are some of the most atrocious personal injury cases.

We have have also encountered horrific prison medical malpractice cases where the inmate is given the wrong medication or no medication at all. In these cases, not only may there be a personal injury case for medical malpractice, but a civil rights matter as well. These cases can lead to wrongful death and are among the most serious prisoners’ rights cases.

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