Prisoners Rights

Prisoners Rights cases are the most difficult of all of the civil rights claims that we file. While we have great success in these cases, these cases are very challenging. Prisoners Rights cases include lack of medical care, medical malpractice, medical neglect or medical indifference, suicide, correction officer abuse, failure to supervise other inmates who attack our clients, incorrect time credit calculations.

An example of a good prisoners rights case is very the initial medical screening picks-up an unknown disease the inmate did not know about and the prison does nothing to give the person treatment for that disease while in custody. The inmate is putting in sick notes and grievances about the not feeling well and the person winds up becoming permanently disabled as a result of the mistake at the initial intake.

Another example of a good prisoners rights case is where the inmate is kept in custody beyond the statutory maximum on his case due to a clerical error on the part of the prison. In that case, damages are computed based on the amount of extra days spent in custody by the inmate.

Many prisoners rights case have incredible results due to the amount of time the person is in custody and the lack of overall supervision of the client and the client’s needs.

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  1. This case isn’t about the police but about juveniles that’s been adjudicated brutality assaulted by staff. My 17 years old son is in North Central Secure Treatment Unit. He was falsely accused of using obscene words to staff, he was psychically retrained, choked, by male staff, they stomped his bad ankle. He has injuries to his shoulder, back, neck and wsist….etcetera. can you help me or at least point me in the right direction. My son Civil Rights has been violated. I want to press charges on staff involved and I will also like to bring civil action against that facility. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you 215 251 9605

  2. My incarcerated grandson Edward Schaeffer 68745-0666at Federal Correction Complex Allenwood (MED ( P.O. Box 2000 – – White Deer, PA 17887 was not detoxified during his stay at the Philadelphia state prison or the Philadelphia Federal prison. Due to that he suffered a seizure, was hospitalized, was without beathing capability for at least six minutes while being transported to Jefferson Hospital. He does not understand a lot of the things the doctors tell him. However, he laid in Federal Prison for a year with no PT. His legs atrophied, but seem to be coming along.l All this was due to the fact “it is a law” that any and all patients be detoxified immediately. When he got to the hospital, they were still trynig to get him to breathe, it was necessary that they put a tube down his throat. He was in a coma for five days, while being handcuffed hands and legs to the hospital bed. He is learning t walk again, but has brain damage. He asked me to find him an attorney with the Federal Civil Court in Philadelphia to file a civil complaint. I am not sure how to go about this. If you do get a letter from him, you will at least know what was done to him through neglect for two years before medical help.. Thank you. Dolores Tansey If you cannot help him can you please advise me where to find help;.

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