Sexual Assault

Sexual assault cases are often the most grotesque and shocking of all civil rights claims. Sexual assault civil rights cases are broken into two categories: force and coercion. Sexual assault by force is rape—plain and simple. In these case the person is a rape victim like in any other rape case, except, the perpetrator is the law enforcement official.

The second type of the sexual assault is where the person in power is blackmailing or coercing the victim to have sexual relations to garner favor. An example of this type of case is where a 17 year old is at a juvenile placement facility and is attempting to earn a home pass, which is a pass that allows the child to leave the facility for the weekend to improve readjustment when the child returns home. Most children at the facilities greatly desire home passes. One of the counselors tells the child that if they do not perform sexually for the counselor, they will ensure the child never receives a home pass. As a result, the child is forced to perform oral sex on the counselor.

These cases are all outrageous. Our civil rights attorneys have experience in these case and can make a recovery for you.

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