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The Zeiger Firm handles police brutality matters in Philadelphia in both federal and state court. Our attorneys are experienced in civil rights litigation and are familiar with police brutality statistics and police brutality laws. Our lawyers have successfully litigated civil rights cases throughout Pennsylvania. The Zeiger Firm deals with all civil rights matters including: Taser, Wrongful Death, Excessive Force, Police Brutality, Police Misconduct, Malicious Prosecution, Monell Claims, Sexual Assault, Prisoner’s Right’s, Time Credit, Medical Malpractice, and Medical Indifference. Our lawyers fight the case seeking justice—we never give up. Attorney Brian J. Zeiger, Esquire leads the fight for justice. He has tremendous experience in civil rights actions and has tried many juries to verdict. Mr. Zeiger has a track record of settlements in police brutality and civil rights case. Call now for a free case evaluation. Our goal is to fight for you and to get you the recover you deserve from the heinous acts of the government. Contact us now for a free consultation with Brian J. Zeiger, Esquire. When you call, you will speak with a real lawyer who will personally arrange your free consultation. Call us now at 215.546.0340 or fill out the form. Our Philadelphia Police Brutality Lawyers are standing by.

1983 Claims

The basis for a federal claim against the government for a civil rights violation is 42 U.S. Code § 1983 - Civil action for deprivation of rights. Under section 1983, a plaintiff can bring an action in federal court against the government and officers to recover for damages. The claims in federal court have a huge range of topics, including but not limited to police brutality, correction officer abuse, warrant unit assault, malicious prosecution, Monell claims, etc.

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Brian J. Zeiger, Esquire

Brian J. Zeiger, Esquire is an experienced Philadelphia trial lawyer. He passionately represents his clients and has a proven track record in court. He is a true advocate and his aggressive style is unparalleled. He has been successful in all aspects of Civil Rights litigation in both state and federal court from police brutality to prisoners’ rights cases. Call 215.546.0340 now to set up a free consultation.

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Civil Rights

The term civil rights has many meanings. In 1964, the civil rights act was first signed into law to provide equality for all citizen based on race, gender, religion, and national origin. The start of the legislation was to stop inequities in voting and end segregation in schools. However, today, the civil rights act is used for cases like police brutality, wrongful supervision and training of law enforcement officers, malicious prosecution, and any other seizure of your person or rights under the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

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